The Truth on E-Cigarettes and E-Liquids

Without a doubt, smoking is dangerous. Probably, even smokers know the dangers of smoking. It is just too difficult to stop smoking and smokers find it too hard and may fall into a relapse. Too much exposure to tobacco can be addicting and the culprit is the nicotine. That is why we need to put the nicotine in the body without having to get exposed to any other harmful chemicals. The idea is to produce something that mimics smoking without the dangers. Tobacco is too dangerous. Tobacco smoke has been known to cause health problems due to the presence of thousands of deadly chemicals, some of which are known to cause cancer. The idea is to find a method to deliver the nicotine without having to be exposed to the deadly chemicals in tobacco smoke.

A Chinese pharmacist back in the early 2000 devised a way to mimic smoking as a means of nicotine replacement. Methods to replace nicotine has been patches, gums and medications. Smokers can get nicotine doses, without having the need to smoke, however, there is something that is not right. The nicotine replacement products are not able to mimic one factor in the smoking addiction–the experience of having something put in the mouth and dragged. No other nicotine replacement methods are able to give the same smoking sensation which is quite integral in the addiction. With its form and abilities, e-cigarettes have emerged as the most effective means of nicotine replacement, thus far. Not only e-cigarettes do not contain the harsh chemicals found in tobacco, but it allows smokers to wean away from smoking for good.

E-cigarettes are nothing without e-liquids. E-liquids make vaping possible. The flavor and the nicotine content are the secrets why vaping has become successful in helping smokers get away from smoking for good. There are too many studies on how e-cigarettes can help smokers get away from smoking. E-cigarettes can help smokers to get away from smoking and thus improving their health.

Truth of the matter, there is not enough studies to say e-cigarettes are good or bad. One thing is for sure, if a thing does not contain the deadly chemicals that can make you sick, it will be able to help. E-cigarettes provide what smokers need, nicotine without having to expose the smokers to the deadly smoke. E-cigarettes do not contain any other chemical aside from nicotine, food-grade flavorings, water and propylene glycol, which is used in some medications. Lacking in the chemicals that can cause harm, e-cigarettes are relatively better than smoking. Vapers also can get some help in their addiction.

We need to understand e-cigarettes more.

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