Tips for Choosing the Right Document Storage Facility No one among us is safe from experiencing disasters or accidents, man-made or natural. But that doesn’t mean we can be reckless with our security, including that of our most vital documents. And when it comes to document storage, professionals are the best to handle it. The following are tips for finding a reliable document storage facility: Safety of Facilities
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One of the most important issues to consider is the safety of the company’s facilities. In other words, how prepared are they for disasters? How about their pest-preparedness? Spiders, roaches and the rest can destroy your documents. That’s why the entire place must be pest-proofed and not only the common areas.
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Customer Services Inquire when can access your documents. It should be all the time. Note that some companies will be around only during regular office hours. You should straighten this out with your potential storage company so you can get to your documents anytime you need to. You may also need a company that offers same-day delivery at no extra charges. Next-day delivery is more common though. Ask what their system is for informing clients with documents that are not useful anymore and need not be retained. With some companies, there is actually no such system. Yet another point you’d like to know is whether they offer a money-back guarantee or not. If you’re using the facility for the first time, do not make a long-term commitment. Security Features Obviously, you need a company that can store your documents in a secure environment. That’s the main reason you’re using that facility after all. If you’re considering getting a moving and storage firm or a mini-storage unit, inquire about their processes for document protection. Definitely, you’d like a facility that employs workers who passed drug tests and criminal background checks. There are people who must never be given access to your vital documents. Also choose a facility that offers a document security guarantee, which is simply insurance that protects you against all your losses in the event that your documents land in the wrong hands. Cost of Service A mini-storage facility is often pricier than its full-service counterpart, and does not offer file delivery service. A moving and storage company can be cheaper, but their delivery charges can be higher. In any case, be sure to ask your prospective document storage company for a list of their charges. As with whatever product or service you might be looking for, the cheapest isn’t automatically the best. That’s why you should have a number of options, make comparisons not only in terms of price but also the general quality of the service, and then choose the best.

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