The San Martin Park, settled in the middle of the area, and just a couple of meters from Mendozas 5 Stars Hotel, has turned into a cultural and historic icon within the province. All year round, numerous cultural, educational, sports and tourism are coded in its environs.

Important occasions such as the National Harvest Festival in the Greek Theatre Frank Romero Day, the annual meeting Americanto, symphony concerts in Island Lake, worldwide sporting occasions on the planet Championship stadium Falkland Islands, sailing within the Lake, outside cinema within the Rose Garden, marathons, bicycle rides, competitions and conferences of all types.

Only at that leisure place we are able to find seven sport club, that offer probably the most varied sports: golf, tennis, rowing, soccer. Cultural and leisure activities also find their website inside a major museum, the main one devoted to Natural Sciences and Anthropology, that is situated within the old building of “Playas Serranas”, significant paleontological and historical examples of minerals. This museum is visited daily by many people students and vacationers.

Throughout the weekend the Sports Office organizes free activities in the roundabout, put on an area near to the Rose Garden. These gather 100s of souls who mix the kitchen connoisseur using the clean atmosphere from the Park. Saturday or sunday are extremely busy days for individuals visiting the park. They can decide on an fascinating diversity of activities to do, for example healthy walks, aerobic exercise, yoga, health insurance and diet training courses and dancing programs.

Once within the the park, we are able to also go to the Museum of Natural Background and Anthropology Cornelio Moyano. It is among the earliest museums within the inner country. It’s forty 1000 copies within their parts of Mineralogy, Paleontology, Ethnology, The archaeology of gortyn and Zoology. Within their collections we are able to find fossils of approximately 500 million years of age, such as the historical examples of the Inca and Huarpe tribes, in addition to stuffed toys.

Going to the San Martin Park has already been a vintage one of the primary tourist points of interest in Mendoza province, mainly in the capital. This park isn’t just about beautiful flora and lovely fountains. It’s also where many interesting cultural and sport activities are developed. Citizens and visitors from the Mendozas 5 Stars Hotel get in this park a pleasant chance to unwind and also to try healthy disciplines for his or her minds and physiques.

A Proper Existence in Mendoza
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