While it may be tricky to add a conventional fireplace to a home, today’s gas log fireplaces are much easier to install. In this guide, homeowners will find out more about the benefits of vent-free and vented gas log fireplaces.

Freestanding and Built-In Gas Logs

Unless the home or addition is being built from the ground up, adding a chimney and a brick fireplace is costly. However, prefabricated fireplaces are a cost- and energy-efficient alternative. Freestanding units are lightweight, easy to assemble, and are available in a range of styles and finishes. Built-in prefab models look much like traditional fireplaces. Both types vent through insulated metal chimneys that run through roofs, ceilings, and walls.

Wood Fireplaces vs. Gas Logs

For the traditionalist, nothing is better than a wood fireplace. However, because they need constant attention and they pose a fire risk, they’re not for everyone. Gas log fireplaces are nearly maintenance free, they’re available in numerous styles, and they’re simple to install. They pose a reduced fire risk and they put out twice as much heat as a comparably-sized wooden fireplace.

Vent-Free vs. Vented Gas Logs

When choosing gas logs, there are two styles to consider: vent-free and vented. A homeowner’s decision will depend on factors such as appearance, efficiency, fireplace placement, and local codes. With a vented log set, buyers get realistic-looking flames that operate with dampers or open chimney flues.

Vent-free logs operate with a closed flue, so they don’t yield the effect of a roaring fire, and the flames aren’t as high or as realistic. However, they’re a very efficient source of heat; 100% of heat generated stays in the home. Most of these log sets have thermostatic controls that help maintain consistent temperatures.


If the home already has a natural gas oven, water heater, clothes dryer, or other appliance, it’s already set up for a gas log fireplace. However, if the home does not have gas service, the owner should check with the local gas company before choosing a log set. In areas where natural gas services aren’t available, LP logs are a good option. Call today or visit the website for additional details.

A Guide to Gas Log Fireplaces