Choosing a residential roofing contractor can be a very difficult process, but it does not have to be. Selecting a contractor that is experienced that can install and repair your roof with high quality and assurance is absolutely essential to your home’s value and, more importantly, your safety. Seek contractors that have the appropriate licensing and with positive reviews from their past clients.


The Things You Need to Verify


You must certify that your potential roofing contractor has acquired the necessary business licenses for the state you reside in and in which they are working. You could find the information regarding the required business licensing that roofing contractors must attain by consulting with the licensing board or the Department of Professional Regulation. These boards and departments may have website that you can view according to the state the state that your home is located.

You may want to verify just how legitimate the roofing contractor you may hire is. Ask the business or the contractor him or herself for the tax identification number associated to the business her or she works for. You may want to ask for the business address, website, and their contact information such as an email address or phone number.


What You Will Want to Ask


Ask the contractor that you may hire to work on your roof for a well-compiled list of references that you can call to discover how well their past work went. If their past clients are satisfied with the work done, you may be too. You should also ask the contractor for verifiable proof that they were approved by the roofing manufacturer to do the type of work you will need completed on your roof.

You will definitely want to ask the roofing contractor you may hire if they are able to provide you with some proof of insurance. Things like liability coverage and worker’s compensation can be really important. Not every state requires that roofing contractors have insurance, but it is a good idea to hire one that has insurance so that you are not liable if the contractor is hurt while working on your roof. Be sure to ask if the insurance covers the length of time needed to complete the project. Also, ask the contractor exactly how many people are going to be working on your roof.

Read and Research


Always read the warranty information in its entirety concerning the job done on your roof. Have a comprehensive understanding what may cause your warranty with the contractor to be considered void. Read through the entire proposal or contract that explains the work to be done on your roof and the entire project as a whole. The length of the project and what types of materials that will be used should be identified in the contract. Read for the bill and the schedule of the payments to be made to cover all of your bases. Be sure to get quotes, warranty agreements, and the exact services offered from a large variety of contractors, such as Primeco Roofing and Construction, before making the decision on who you would like to hire for your roofing job.


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