How to Choose an Industrial Paint You don’t have to spend very much money to transform a space if you just paint it. You shouldn’t just choose a random paint and go to town without first doing some research. You need to be careful to make sure that the paint looks the best while being durable. You want it to look good over a long period of time. When you are making this decision, there are several things that you need to consider. Choosing a color is important, but it is not the only thing you should be thinking about. You should also be worried about the protection and application of your paint. A good color is not going to make up for applying the wrong type of paint to your surfaces. You should start by thinking about what the surface is made out of that you are wanting to have painted. Wood, metal, plastic, or concrete will all need different kinds of paint. You should let your painter know what the surface is made out of so they can give you their recommendations on what kind of paint to use. How the paint absorbs into the surface will determine how it needs to be applied. You should also think about what kind of environment the painted surface is going to be in. Some surfaces are in an industrial area with a lot of dirt and chemicals. Is it outside where it is exposed to the elements and UV rays? You will need special paints for areas that are affected by water or extreme heat. You can only choose the best paint when you know all of these things. The way the area is lighted will also affect your decision. Different paints will look different colors with certain lighting. You don’t want to choose one color and end up with another because you didn’t consider the lighting of the area. Flat and glossy finishes will also change the appearance of the paint.
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You will also have to choose between an oil-based or a latex paint to use. Oil-based paints will have a smoother, glossy finish than latex paints. Latex paints gets stained easily and are not as durable. Latex paints are usually less expensive than the oil-based ones. Application is longer for oil-based paints because they are thicker. Because they are thicker, they are harder to apply without having irregularities. You will get a strong smell when applying an oil-based paint and it will take longer to dry.
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Exposure to direct sunlight will cause latex paints to fade. They will also be damaged by harsh environments and temperature changes. Latex paints also won’t hold up as well in high humidity areas as well as oil-based paints will. Latex paint is easier to clean and maintain because it can just be wiped clean. Scrubbing them very hard will cause them to come off, so if you are going to be scrubbing the surface, go with an oil-based paint.

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