Some of the Best Reasons To Switch to E-Cigarettes

For the past several years, the number of people who attest that their lives have been completely changed after switching from tobacco cigarettes to electronic cigarettes has increased exponentially. This is an absolute proof that the world and its populace will eventually live in a tobacco free environment. The reason why millions of smokers are incapable of quitting is because they are very much afraid to deal with the side effects of doing so, even though they are just temporary. If there only was a way to introduce every single smoker out there to e-cigarettes, then the number of those who will switch to it will definitely increase, while the number of smokers will substantially be reduced.

Now if you’re someone who’s been smoking all your life, you probably already are aware that you’re going to die young because of it. So the best time to switch to e-cigarettes is now. But if you still need some more convincing, here are the best reasons why you must switch.

1. Switching to e-cigarettes will actually let you save money. Proof of this is the fact that you can actually purchase a starter kit for less than $40, while e-liquids can be purchased for about $8 per five. If you try to calculate the money you spend on traditional tobacco cigarettes, the difference is really staggering.

2. E-cigarettes have minimal chemical content. We’re not particularly sure if you’re simply in denial or you’re completely unaware; but the cigarette you’re smoking right now contains at least 500 chemicals, about 60 of those are scientifically proven to be agents of cancer. Yes, nicotine is still found in e-cigarettes, but what you’re avoiding once you switch are the likes of tar, ammonia, hydrogen cyanide, and carbon monoxide.

3. You don’t have to annoy and bother people with smoke and ash. One of the reasons why smoking is unpleasant is because of the resulting smoke and ash. Because you are now used to smoking in all places where you’re allowed you, you probably no longer spot the smell of the smoke in your surroundings. The best thing about e-cigarettes on the other hand is that there will be no smoke or ash whenever you use them, but the concept of smoking a cigarette to satisfy a craving remains.

Finally, there still are so many reasons that we haven’t talked about this article, and if you’re going to make the switch right about now, you’re in a way doing yourself a very huge favor, which in turn will benefit you in the long run.

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