Two sides of the same coin Fear and Faith

Life presents itself like an arena where wars are fought. What we are battling with may not necessarily be visible to us. The defense that we have may be weak and the aspect of winning being almost impossible. There is often a lot on the line. Often more than not people shy away from the enemy . They assume that these tasks can be done by better people. They give them labels such as heroes. The fact that they are so oblivious of may be that these people are often faced by similar concerns but have chosen to face them rather than back away. They have burned the bridges and refused to look backwards. They have purposed to live in a certain way regardless of what they are bound to experience. That becomes their transformation basis and their guide as they navigate through the harsh waters of life. Finally they manage to come through the other side stronger and everyone muses at this well formed creatures terming them more important and above all brave.

The real issue is not celebrating our brothers but ensuring that we embark on our paths as well . Most people who happen to own their own businesses are familiar with the struggle. Those that are working as staff may find themselves thinking that the self employed that the other side is greener. The impression may not be as black and white as it seems. A beautiful life is not one that has not experienced pain but rather that which through pain has been fashioned. Having an honest analysis of yourself is the way to go. You must hold vision of what you seek to achieve. The decision to overlook this issue might prove detrimental to your vision of ever attaining your aim.

Fear serves to make the problems seem much bigger than they actually are. It is deceptive in a way that you may that every little thing becomes too much to handle. As much as fear is a big challenge there is always an opportunity available. Centering our efforts on what we seek to achieve rather than what the obstacles are is a way out. By shifting the focus from fear and letting it shine on the prize we find ourselves motivated to achieve more than we anticipated for.

The ultimate weapon remains faith. Faith is the ability to bring to life that which may not be visible at the present moment. Our thoughts become very significant at this stage. It is not realistic to have positive thoughts all the time but very much possible to view even the negative things as opportunities. The mind is powerful and can sustain our ambitions to get to the destination we have in mind and it requires constant affirmation.

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