Custom Woven label is a company that was started from the subject of fashion and design that started taking root in the world as from 2010. It started from US especially New York city in a town called Woodstock. Provision all designers in the world with a high quality label of a great price was the simple aim to which the company started with. The concept of price was a key in this company because it aimed at catching the attention of most designers in the world. Over a number of years the company has been putting more efforts towards finding the best producers as well as materials that would increase the quality of branding that they offer to their clients. The company has a mission of providing fully customized products to their companies that would have an impact on the sale or impress their clients. The sale of the custom woven labels has been high in the in the preset society because they appear attractive and natural. The natural component of the design that the company provides to the clients has been a factor to consider the increase on demand of these companies in the modern community. The kind of offer they have on their clients is also an important issue to be recognized. Few companies would offer free shipping services to their customers. To Custom woven label corporation free delivery of good is offered to the clients. Customer retention has been made possible both locally as well as internationally through free delivery. As one of the international companies they tend to have the opportunity of fighting the stiff competition that tends to arise from upcoming companies that deal of the same services as well as products as the company. Being different also form another feature that raises the level of clients in a company. Custom Woven label has not been left behind on this matter since as they provide free samples to their new clients within 24 hours. This shows that the company is functional both day and night. More working hours in the company increases sales as the clients is served at any time they need a services. This makes sure that the company does not lose any client to their competitors and that they are maintained in the business. Suggestion box has also been placed in the company where the loyal customers can channel their feedback concerning the services that they have received. This enables the company to do internal evaluation of its services depending on the client’s suggestions. The company has managed to keep customer contact and make the customers fell that they are of much importance in the business out of these.

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