How to Buy Great Novelty Flip-flops Some of the best things that happened in the world of feet are novelty flip-flops. They’re at least liberating when you have to wear closed and boring footwear most of the time. But just like any other pair of flip-flops out there, you need to choose your novelty sandals well. Below are tips that will help you pick the right pair: 1. Determine your needs. Whether you want flip-flops to use in your house, for occasional walks in the park or for any other light outdoor activities, get a pair that suits your needs. In any case, get a pair that feels soft on your feet. If you intend to do a lot of walking, buy flipflops which are heavy duty yet gentle on your skin.
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2. Give the sole a look. Soles that are made of plastic foam offer no arch support or contour to the feet. Furthermore, they are too thin and compressed, giving little protection from sharp objects and wearing away fast. A better material for the soles is ethylene vinyl acetate (EVA), which is a copolymer that compresses while providing resistance. It is flexible, soft and supportive where it must be.
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3. Get the right sole design. Getting flip-flops with the right sole material is just the tip of the iceberg. When soles are too smooth on the underside, you could end up slipping or falling when you walk in them on a wet ground or floor. Choose those with a good grip design that makes for nice friction and traction too. 4. Look at the straps. More comfort and support is provided by flip-flops that have thicker straps. You want straps that fit your feet perfectly and are smooth enough not to abrade your skin. Thinner straps can even cut into your skin when you’re doing more aggressive activities. 5. Get the correct heel height. You can be a bit adventurous with flip-flops and there’s no need to get stuck with conventional flat ones. A high heel, kitten heel or a wedge heel should be great, but don’t forget to think about your comfort level. Keep all these in mind as you shop for flip-flops. Get soft, superior quality leather. This material cuts your risk of getting blisters or any similar irritation. Flip-flops that come with snug-fitting leather or fabric straps will feel great on your feet. Make sure though that your feet are not hanging off your sandals’ edge. Bend your flip-flops gently from the two ends, and the ball of the foot must be bent. Get a layered sole that’s about one-half inch thick and comes with different layers of material. What’s great is that there are so many places to buy novelty sandals and plenty of designs to explore as well. Come to think of it, the sheer volume of options can be quite daunting. But certainly, long as you’re aware of your wants and needs, choosing can become a whole lot easier.

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