When it comes to Halloween Movie Costumes, you can be sure that along with the horror genre, you will see a lot of Halloween costumes from the kid’s movie section as well. Halloween is the time of year when you forget who you are for just one night and are allowed to be anyone that you choose to be for just a short amount of time. With that being said, you will find four of the best Halloween costumes from the movies, you might want to check out to wear in 2014.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

“The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles” movie has spawned an intense interest in these crime-fighting turtles once again. The sales of costumes for all four of the Ninja Turtles are up in a major way whether it is for kids or teenagers; everyone loves the turtles and their awesome ninja fighting style.


This is an obvious choice for any little girl who has seen the movie “Frozen.” The movie has inspired little girls everywhere to want to be with Anna, Elsa, or sometimes even a snowman. This instant hit from Disney will surely see many, many little girls dressed up as characters from the movie “Frozen,” this upcoming Halloween.

Despicable Me 2 Minion

The Minions are back in “Despicable Me 2 Minion,” and many parents are rushing to the stores to find the perfect minion costumes for their little ones. From toddlers to preschoolers you are sure to get all kinds of praise for letting your little one dress as one of the minions from this popular movie.

Monsters Inc.

Everyone wants to be Sully from “Monsters Inc.” The movie was a huge hit and the costume is even more of a hit. If you are looking for the perfect costume for your child this Halloween season, make sure to pick up one of the character costumes.

These are just a few of the costumes that you might want to get for your children this upcoming Halloween season. From “Monsters Inc.” to “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles,” you can be sure that your child will be the talk of the party this Halloween.

4 Halloween Movie Costumes Inspired by Kids Movies for 2014