No two pieces of wood furniture are alike. The ebb and flow of the patterns are unique to each piece, as well as its color and feel. They can dress down or dress up the atmosphere of any home or room. However, if you don’t want the same piece as everyone else who ordered it from a website, investing in something custom made can add a whole new level of character to your home design.


Bed frames these days do vary, but that variation is based on a few constants that rarely change. Pushing the envelope in your bedroom style can often be achieved through making the biggest eye catcher in the room.The bed frame and headboard can be a stylish piece of art, not just a functional piece of furniture. Creating out of the box designs and colors in your headboard can sway the overall style of the room. Make something dark and asymmetrical for that rustic feel contrasting against lighter colors, or blend your wall colors with your headboard and accentuate with ornate engravings or paint designs. There are endless possibilities, and each variation can show off your personality in its design.

Coat Racks

If you have children, you understand that the entrance of your home is the hub of bags and shoes thrown by the door. Coat racks and mudroom benches are great organizational tools that can also add style and color to your hallway or foyer. Creating a unique piece of wood can add a different texture and feel. For mudrooms, more rustic atmospheres are popular, adding functionality in its ability in never having to be perfectly clean. Painted and distressed wood is a great way to get that old world feel from your piece.

Wall Hangings

Another popular trend today is creating your own custom wall hangings from dried wood that you can find yourself. Old doors and windows used as picture frames are great refurbishing projects to take on, as well as floating shelves and pallets. This is something that you can get your family involved in and do at a cheaper cost then buying designer pieces.

Wood pieces have long been popular style points in homes, and rarely lose value in redecoration and redesign. Custom wood furniture is a great option for showing your unique style while creating something that stands the test of time. Contact Ted’s Woodworking for more ideas.

3 Unique Pieces of Custom Wood Furniture that Can Accentuate Your Home