Wood floors have experienced a tremendous resurgence in design circles, but homeowners are left with a choice between two popular options: solid hardwood and laminate hardwood flooring. If you are ready to install new floors in your home or business, consider these three indisputable benefits of solid teak flooring over laminate.

1. Solid Wood is a Natural Product

Unlike laminate, solid teak floors are made from real wood. They feature the natural grain, variations, and knotholes found in actual trees, which makes them a powerful design statement in the home. You will not find repeating patterns or other artificial features in the grain.

In addition to beautifying your home or business while you own it, solid wood flooring also increases the building’s resale value. Buyers know that real wood is considered higher quality than laminate, so they factor that feature into their buying decisions.

2. Solid Flooring Can Be Refinished

If your teak floors are damaged or dented during their lifetime, you can sand them down and refinish them. It is not necessary to rip out all the flooring and start from scratch, which is the necessary remedy for damaged laminate floors.

It is true that you can remove a single laminate plank and replace it, but this is only the case if you have spare planks in storage. Since laminate floors are grouped by lot number, it is sometimes impossible to purchase an exact replacement for flooring that is more than a year old.

3. Solid Flooring Lasts Longer

The life expectancy for laminate flooring is less than 20 years, according to FloorFacts.com, while solid wood flooring can, in theory, last forever. As long as they are properly maintained, solid floors never need replacement. For example, many homes from the 19th century still feature their original wood floors.

Additionally, the small nicks, chips, and dents found on older wood floors are often thought to enhance their appearance rather than detract from them. The signs of age give floors character and a sense of history, which cannot be achieved with laminate substitutes.

If you are ready to install teak flooring in your home, work with a reputable dealer. Choose a plank style and stain that reflects your family’s unique sense of style and aesthetic appeal.

3 Benefits of Solid Teak Flooring Over Laminate