Yonggang Sex stimulant

Yong gang Sex stimulant somekeyword 8 capsules/box ( Chinese/British language) 98% amount of satisfaction! All Chinese plant! Bigger, Rock-Hard Hardons Sex Stimulant Medicine Yong Gang Sex Medicine

Yong gang benefits: Increases stamina and erection firmness Enhances vitality & closeness Relieves depression Regains lost desire Lengthy lasting effectiveness Reinstates energy YongGang Elements: each teplmedium 20%, schisandra fruit15%, morinda officinalis20%, porla 10%, Chinese yam 15%, ginseng 5%, wolfberry fruit 5%, polygonatum sibiricum 10%

Specifications: 750mg x 2tablets x 4boards/box

Storage: In awesome,dry places ,repel of achieve of kids

Appropriate for: Fatigable persons

Not appropriate for: Women that are pregnant, infants, juvenile

Side -effect: No reported apparent side-effect with sex energy tablet Don’t take several (1) capsule every 24 hrs.

Shipping Method: We’ll send all packages by EMS (Express Mail Service).Normally,it takes only 5~seven days to delivery to USA,United kingdom,Australia or any other nations,and supply the monitoring number,you are able to track it online.

Attentions: This Yong gang sex method is health-care food, cannot replace medications therapy No purchase by youthful persons under 18, please. somekeyword