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Indian Dances And Indian Dance Costumes Dancing may appear to be an average hobby to some but it takes passion, informed dancer in order to realize that this particular activity is rooted deeply in the country’s culture and that through physical moves, you can understand the spirituality and cultural values that the country possesses. It’ll be none other than India if ever there is a country whose national folk dance is much like with spirituality. There are lots of people who associate it with Bollywood dances, which are like simplified pop culture version of real, complicated dancing culture in India. In reality, Indian dances are more complex than what we are seeing on TV. India has no less than 8 folk dances not like other countries which have a couple of variations of dances. This is mainly because of the reason that there are lots of subcultures that the country has and each has its own language and tradition. Dancing is connected strongly with the place it originated from as an integrated part of the cultural life. Every dance move is interpreted in a different way and being charged with multiple meanings. Indian dances may also be seen as form of theatre as the dances uses many hand gestures and throughout their dance routine, they’re telling a story. The dances are almost based on Hindu mythology, which re-enacts stories with goddesses and gods regardless of where they’ve originated from. If you like to go to an Indian dance school, then first thing you have to do is choose the kind of dance you like to learn either modern or classical. You have to make a choice between the 8 types if you wish to understand Indian culture and take up classical dancing lessons. No matter what dance type you have selected, you will definitely have a lot of fun as there’s a lot of things to learn.
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As for classical Indian dance, it is seen as a beautiful art but for those who are seeking for something that’s more updated or that could be performed outside festivals and stages, should take on modern Indian dances, which are the combination of modern elements and classic moves like Bollywood movies and ballet.
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Mainly because of the reason that there are many Indian dance costumes you should wear, being able to learn Indian dances might be difficult at first and expensive. On the other hand, if you wish to go to professional school in which teachers know how to explain the meanings and origins of dance moves and the Indian dance costumes, you’ll certainly learn things faster.