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Four Common Roller Shade Options There is an older style of window treatment that is becoming more and more popular. This window treatment is being used in businesses, restaurants, and homes. This popular window treatment is the roller shade, these are now being made with high end fabrics that will give your home and office and rich feel. The shades of today come in multiple styles including: sheer, blackout, semi sheer, and semi opaque. For the homeowner looking for new shades, this variety of styles will make the buying decision more enjoyable. Sheer shades are great window treatments as they let the light pass through but will also cut down on the glare that the sun could cause. These will provide light to a room but will not over saturate it. Sheer roller shades are making a comeback for homeowners and business operators, this is partly because they are elegant in any room and they will provide some security and reduce the glare. If the sheer option is not what you are looking for, then you might be interested in a semi sheer option. These shades will offer you more privacy but will also offer a little bit of incoming light. This is great if you live in a heavily populated area and do not want people being able to look in at you and your family while you are home.
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Blackout roller shades do just that, they prevent any light from entering your home or room. These will give you complete darkness and privacy, they do with while still being attractive. If you do not get these installed properly then light could still pass and will defeat the purpose of this type of shade. When the sun is blocked from a room it will help keep that room cool shaving on your energy costs. Blackout shades are great for security and energy efficiency.
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The last type of window treatment we will discuss is a semi opaque roller shade. These shades will allow for medium to low light to enter the room. These will help make your home secure and will help with energy costs, just not as much as blackout shades. All of these shades come in a variety of colors and will have multiple patterns that you can choose from, this will guarantee that they will fit in any room in your office or home. Roller shades will be able to add a since of style and color to any project to ensure that a room is not boring. If you go to a showroom to select your window treatments you should know that you are not bound by the colors they have in the showroom, homeowners will be able to customize any of these window treatments.