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Facts About Senior Care Services It’s a fact that senior citizens or the elderly can sustain themselves, but there are certain things that they will have to ask assistance with. Cleaning their own house is something that they’ll need help with since their physical condition might not be up for everyday house chores. Due to this fact, senior care services are always there to provide assistance to the elderly. You should know that elderly people tend to stay or settle down in a familiar environment as long as the can. They also treasure their independence just like most young people. Due to this fact, elderly people are comfortable with the idea of having a senior care assistance instead of being cared for in a nursing home. Senior care services focuses on providing assistance in an elderly’s home make it convenient for them since they’re in the comfort of their residence. Elderly people also like to have senior care service since they will still be able to enjoy their independence and dignity. Another thing that you should know is that senior care services are very affordable compared to the expenses for a nursing home. With the senior care service, an elderly won’t have to worry about relocating to a new place. Also, there’s no need for a nursing home if the elderly is just doing fine. Still, people should know that there are some factors that they need to consider about senior care services. Senior care services consists of two types which are the custodial or skilled care service and the supportive or the unskilled care service.
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When it comes to providing the skilled type of senior care service, the medical professionals are usually in charge of attending to this type of service. Social services and therapies are also included in this type of service. Senior care services also offer several limited time offers which includes personal care from qualified home aides. The home aide must be under the supervision of a skilled medical professional in order to be able to do this. Another fact about skilled senior care service is that it’s not provided on a regular basis. The home aide also needs to have the right kind of prescription that’s been given by the medical professional for the client’s contract. Hospital discharge is also sped up when it comes to having contract for skilled senior care service. Also, if the elderly is still healthy and doesn’t want to be admitted in a hospital, the skilled senior service is there to make sure doesn’t happen.
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The difference between skilled and unskilled senior care is that the unskilled or supportive care service doesn’t provide medical prescriptions or services.