Top Five Self Defense Weapons You Can Carry

Our right to own and bear arms are clearly stated and written in a constitution in the second amendment. Because it is always been that way, and as long as we live in a country that right to own and bear arms are just taken for granted. But it is not the easy to earn.

We don’t need firearms to be used as our self-defense, there are five things that we can use for self-defense.

First, the most questionable and can be fatal self-defense weapon that we usually used is the humble scarf. People know what is a scarf, and what it is used for. If you know the idea why scarf is one of the five self-defense weapon, well in some professional hit man or maybe a killer it can used as a strangling material. You can strangle a person by using it in a fatal way. It may look like the movie James Bond, but with training and practice, you may now use the scarf as self-defense. In able not to draw attention on a gun shot, special garrotes is being use by soldiers as a silent mean of assassination.

The pen, is the second choice of self-defense weapon, it can be fatal if used for self-defense, this pen is usually been carried by most people every day and without the slightest chance of being detected or noticed. Stabbing is the use of a pen, a fatal type of self-defense weapon. We know, and we saw this in a movie being used as firearms used by a secret agent in any assassinations. There are different types of pen used as self-defense on of it is the tactical pen. But an ordinary pen can also be used as a self-defense weapon. Aside from pen, as wooden crayon can be used, targeting an area of the body can be an advantage, such as the eyes.

Third weapon can be used is the car keys, it is listed as number three of in a life threatening situation. Car keys especially the long one, can be used as a push dagger. Car keys can be used as a push dagger and the target area to be stabbed are the eyes and neck.

Fourth, sap cap it is basically an impact weapon that is disguised as an regular baseball cap. Well the secret of this sap cap is the special pocket behind of the cap, it is filled with tiny but heavy micro-spheres that will definitely give a weight for disabling your enemy with a punch.

The fifth fatal self-defense weapon is the credit card. Credit cards are used for paying goods, and it is handy most of the time and also can be used as a self-defense weapon. It is used to slice the throat of your opponent, a special kind of credit card can be bought anywhere, but also adding skills on it can be perfect.

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