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Greatest Romantic Gifts for Your Boyfriend The five senses gift idea is definitely one of the most romantic and unique way for you to give to your certain someone in a specific date like Valentine’s Day or your anniversary. The five senses gift is really simple since you basically just need to choose a certain gift that highly symbolizes each senses, and nowadays there are plenty of people who are now starting to try this out since it is seriously fun to do, easy to personalized every gift, can be easily done in any budget, you can basically do this in any type of occasions and your lover will surely love it, so you will find below some examples on the certain types of gift you can use for each senses. For the sense of smell, there is basically a lot of things you can give him just make sure he will not easily forget this smell when you later spray it on him, like cologne, perfume, scented candles and many more, you should also try to add some funny and unique gifts like scented foot cream or something. For the sense of taste you can most definitely give him things that he enjoy eating like candies, cook his favorite meal, beer or wine and many more, or to be funny and unique you can give him a simple takeout coupon or just a telephone number of the pizza place for him to call and order pizza.
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For the sense of hearing you can try to give him a gift that you know he will definitely love to hear such as his favorite song, concert tickets, a music instrument that he likes to use, and many more and for the funny and unique gifts you can give him a vintage music player, ear buds, or a grandfather clock.
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The best examples for the gift for the sense of sight is a picture, tickets to his favorite sport, watch movies, play video games, or just a simple sunglasses, and if you want it to be intimate you can just give him a lingerie that you should wear for his eyes to enjoy. For the sense of touch you should try giving him a gift that he can touch or feel where he will like the feeling of touching it. Basic examples that you can give him are soft pillows, stuffed toys, hand warmers, his favorite team jersey, or some silk boxers where every time he touch this certain gift he will remember you through it, or other unique examples like a massage, a bathtub date, spa, skydiving, and even sex, where he will most definitely not forget the occasion.