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What You May Not Know About Having A Pen Pal Who Is An Inmate

In mates may want to keep in touch with the outside world and the only way to do this is through a pen pal. It is wrong to assume that all incarcerated people are horrible people because one does not know the reasons that caused them to be in jail. People who have been incarcerated still need friendship with other people. Friendships help people to thrive as they interact and socialize with others. When people share their life, they can be able to benefit emotionally. Individuals can benefit from socialization because it helps in emotional growth when people develop deep friendships. This is also the case when people become pen pals with incarcerated individuals.

It is a good learning experience for individuals to become pen pals with incarcerated individuals because they can learn from their examples. Incarcerated individuals can get hope when they see that other people are concerned about them and they may see that the future is brighter. A person may be able to affect an incarcerated individual positively when they write letters to them because this inspires them to change. People who become pen pals with incarcerated individuals are able to show them love and this will get rid of the hate that they may feel towards the world and people. Incarcerated people may have a troubled past and they may have never known love in their entire life so when one becomes a pen pal to them, they can show them love. It also gives them a sense of self-worth that someone can take their time to communicate with them.

Churches and community groups are some of the people who communicate with incarcerated individuals. One can become a pen pal with an incarcerated individual in order to evangelize to them. The letters that people write are monitored so that incarcerated individuals do not take advantage of people by asking for gifts and this ensures safety. Incarcerated people who do not have any family or friends can benefit from having pen pals. Pen pals may be able to assist incarcerated individuals when they are dealing with difficult issues. Counselors and pastors who write to incarcerated individuals can be able to offer counseling to these individuals.

People who interact with incarcerated individuals may help them because they will not become depressed. Incarcerated individuals do not have to be lonely when they can exchange letters with pen pals. People can have a chance to make a difference in another person’s life such as an incarcerated individual when they exchange letters. In order to become well informed about the person one will communicate with, one should find out why a person is in prison.

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