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The Best Sunless Tanning Option: Spray Tanning The consequences of sun tanning have become more and more apparent over the last couple decades; because of this people are looking for alternatives. One alternative that people have been using for many years is a self-tanner, however for a long time it seemed they would only turn your skin orange, and not the bronze that the user desired. The new craze in beauty is spray tanning, which has come a long way since the first self-tanners. You can now get a spray tan in a can, this is the newest sunless tanning technology. When you use many of the lotions and sprays that are on the market you have a good chance of ending up with an uneven tan on your body. The lotions have come a long way over the years but some may still leave your skin with an orange tent that you do not wish to have. Aerosol spray tanners are great because they will leave you with a great tan with little to no hassle.This type of spray tan is the easiest option to get a good tan in your own home. A spray tan will save you from the sun and the harmful UV rays that you would get if you go to a tanning bed. If you do not trust yourself or if you just want to have someone else do your spray tan for you, then there are a couple things you should do. First off you will want to make sure the shop you choose is a reputable one. To find the best shops you will want to ask around town and see which one people are talking about. The internet is another good option for this type of thing, you can find ratings and also compare prices and services that are offered at shops around you. The next step is setting up your appointment, to do this you should call them, at this point you can also ask them any questions you might have.
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If you are opting for a spray tan for a special occasion, such as a wedding, then you might want to try it out first, like a trial run a month or so in advance of the big event. Spray tans do not always turn out the way you would like them to so you do not want it to ruin your big event. If you do like the way it looks then you can go ahead and book with that saloon again, if you do not like it then you will have time to find another option.Lessons Learned About Equipment