Put together by TeamIAnD Photography: Aljoa Rebolj and Numen/ForUse

Shakespeare’s bigger-than-existence Elizabethan dramatics command a similarly visually-increased scenography – a task accomplished by Numen/To Be Used in the recent staging of King Lear in Athens-

Like several dramatic plays that actually work largely around the emotional quotient for that perfect build-to the climax, director George Kimoulis’ King Lear staged within the central space of the former derelict industrial hall around the borders of Athens on April16, 2015 introduced forth an increase of emotion using the covering scenography by designers Numen/To Be Used.

The group of 3 designers – Sven Jonke, Christoph Katzler and Nikola Radeljkovic continues to be conceptualizing exceptional installations and scenographic factors that touch a persons intellect past the regular. Their recent stage act for that Shakespearean masterpiece would be a fairly complex, hands-sewn contraption made from -regular plastic foil usually employed for protection at construction sites.-

Their furniture concept for that dark theatrics incorporated a coal-hued elongated wooden platform, and stark, black chairs similar to mantises -having a streak of cruelty within the waistline-. With most of Act 1 being passed using the bench sprawled directly while watching auditorium and maintaining only some the smartly spread black chairs, the culmination of Act 1 sees an enormous plastic foil sheet being removed from beneath the platform and spread over the entire back from the stage, while instantly filling with air from some blowing up machines.

Once inflated, the supersized object morphs, changes and curls, towering over the water-drenched platform just like a suspended tsunami. Throughout Act 2, it can serve as an acidic heathland, where Lear wanders with the thunderstorm in existential agony. It’s further compounded to illustrate a full time income, flickering, sentient sea of his deteriorating awareness, affected by flashbacks of memory, guilt and incipient madness. The slippery, leviathanic body convulses and ripples underneath the heavy rhythm of acting, allowing the spiritual paysage for that king’s inner breakdown and the final descent into madness. -The only real challenge we faced was hooking up the foil towards the plastic once the welding unsuccessful, we needed to possess the hooking up seams hands-sewn to combat the large forces the plastic balloon needed to withstand, once the stars walked regarding this!- notifies Sven. somekeyword

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