The Popularity of Sea Glass

Sea glass is a hobby that spans quite a few activities.  There are those that collect sea glass and keep in their own collections. The popular sea glass book author Richard LaMotte has some thirty thousand pieces in his own collection. Then there are those that collect and sell the sea glass they find.  Not every piece is jewelry quality, but some are. There are plenty of outlets for selling sea glass as well as sea pottery,  such as ebay and etsy. Then there are jewelry designers and sea glass collectors who have never set foot on a beach themselves, they purchase sea glass and sea pottery.

I myself am a bit of all three of the above. My favorite part of the hobby is being in the water and searching for treasure.  I have some pieces that I consider spectacular that I have kept myself. These are pieces like the green depression glass pitcher handle I found that I made into a gorgeous pendant. It’s a one of a kind find and my absolute favorite piece. However, I’m not the type to collect sea glass and put it into a jar unless it’s a very rare color such as blue or pink or red.  Collecting and putting pieces in a box or on a shelf  somewhere doesn’t interest me. I already have plenty of “collections” of things in my buffet that I don’t look at now. I would prefer to make nicer pieces of sea glass into beautiful jewelry pieces. I have also purchased sea glass of amazing quality to use when creating my own jewelry.

I only have a few pieces that I have considered selling online. These are no jewelry quality but those that are rare for their color, pattern and history.  I have seen others selling pieces like them online asking good prices for them.

So, I enjoy many different aspects of this hobby, collecting, creating and selling.  I consider myself very lucky.