The Essentials of Smoking – 101

Some Interesting Facts About Vaping So you decided to start vaping; there are lots of reasons to jump in and lots of things you need to know. Never feel afraid to ask questions. Your local shop can guide you in selecting the various products and flavors. Let’s discuss some of the lingo and additional purchases you should consider when getting into vaping. Every vape has a battery unit commonly called the “box mod” or “box”. You’ll see the tank that holds the liquid attached to this box. There are lots of popular tanks to choose from. The atomizer is located inside the tank. This part of your device will require replacement. You’ll replace them every two weeks or so. They are what converts the liquid into vapor. The atomizer brands are often the same as the tanks. The main thing to be aware of and definitely worth considering is that all of the above come in two varieties. They are ohm and sub ohm, or low wattage and high wattage. Generally, high wattage box mod use sub ohm atomizers. Similarly, a low wattage mod takes an ohm or above atomizer to work. A handful of box mods are capable of firing both. Most dealers will recommend a high wattage, sub ohm setup.This is produces better clouds and better flavor. The sub ohm setup produces more nicotine which is helpful for those in the process of quitting smoking. For this reason you may want to avoid putting a high nicotine liquid in a sub ohm tank because it will be harsher. This is one of many reasons you’ll want to find a local shop to browse and discuss your options with. Then you can either buy from them or browse online if you didn’t like the options they offer. Taking all of the above in mind, you might consider starting with a box that can drive both ohm and sub ohm. The 18mg liquid should be fine to start unless you are a super heavy smoker and paranoid it won’t work, in that case you’ll want to start with a 24mg liquid. You’ll be surprised by how quickly you can move down to12mg and then 6mg in the tank. Once the habit is solid you can switch tanks and move down to 3mg liquid.
On Shops: My Experience Explained
One last tip, don’t put any pressure on yourself during this. It’s not the end of the world if you slide and smoke a cigarette. This small set backs are going to happen at times. Vaping is actually a really good substitute for smoking and you will find that it is more enjoyable than you expect. Every time you are vaping you are not smoking a cigarettes and that is still better. When you do decide that you are finally ready to quit go ahead and invest in back-up units. Most of all, have fun with this new safe alternative to smoking.On Shops: My Experience Explained