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Properly Apply Argan Oil to Enjoy Maximum Benefits There are different oils that has beauty uses like Moroccan oil, castor oil, and the subject of this article, Argan oil. Pure argan oil is most useful as a moisturizer for our skin and hair. But it is important that we apply it the proper way so we can enjoy the full benefits. Here are some recommended ways of applying for optimal results: If applying to face, use only a few drops because every drop is rich enough to moisturize a large area of your skin. But, even though this is oil, it will dry perfectly without you looking like an oily wreck. You can then ditch your pre-makeup moisturizer and use this instead as base. First, use your face cleanser to entirely free your face from dirt and any makeup residue. It is best applied when your skin is still damp, not wet nor dry. You can then spread the argan oil more easily and your face will get more hydrated this way.
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If you need more hydration, don’t use too much oil, instead mix it with your day and night moisturizer. This tip is much useful during the cold months when our skin may become flaky due to the harsh weather.
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There are also proper ways of applying organic argan oil into our hair. You may apply it before you wash your hair. Usually our hair will look too heavy because of oil but you can avoid that when doing this method. First, be careful to only squirt a small amount which is just enough for your hair. Massage the organic argan oil onto your scalp and roots then all throughout your hair strands. Use a shower cap and leave the oil to moisturize your hair for about 30 minutes or more. Wash your hair with shampoo after. Instead of applying before bath, you can also apply it after as a leave-on conditioner. You may apply when your hair is damp, not when your hair is dripping wet and not when your hair has dried. You may towel dry first but make sure it is not so dry that you will have a hard time spreading it evenly through your hair. If you used a conditioner when you took a bath, don’t use argan oil because it is rich enough on its own. You can then do your usual hair routine. You will feel the difference in your hair immediately after, as long as you applied the argan oil properly. If you feel like you applied too much, you can get under the shower again to rinse a little bit of oil off your hair.