How to Choose the Best Wedding Venue When planning a wedding, the amount of considerations you will have to make may be overwhelming. You will want to consider what to serve guests, plan the ceremony, and make a thorough guest list. For instance, you also have to choose where to have the wedding in the first place. Choosing the best wedding venue can be overwhelming, since there are so many options. You may want a beautiful Wellington Wedding, or a crazy LA one, or just a small picnic with friends. How should you decide on one, or for the matter, how do you even start making a list? First of all, there are countless websites devoted to the task. When you visit the website, it will show you searches for everything you might need for your wedding, all within the city of your choice. Along with photos and contact information, these sites usually provide reviews of the venues, so you can read about other people’s experiences. There are also bridal shows, which provide a great many ceremony/reception locations. From these shows, you can learn about the location, what it looks like, how much it is, and how it was for other people. Next is the hard part: you have to choose just one from the list you’ve compiled. You will want to consider, first of all, what your budget is. How much you have to spend will have a big influence on what kind of venue you choose.
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Ceremonies usually average around 10% of entire wedding budgets. 45% of the budget should be used for the venue, food and beverages, tables, etc.
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How much you spend on a venue should be informed roughly by these percentages, If you find a good deal that includes both ceremony and reception, you may be able to save some money. The second consideration should be what sort of wedding venue is on your mind. Have you had an image in your mind since before you got engaged? Do you mind the mud and grass, and want to be outdoors on your wedding day? Do you want to be in a huge cathedral with candles and high ceilings? These tend to be the best go-to’s to start off with considering. Should you not be able to find a site in your budget, there are other options. Make sure to be true to yourself. There is no budget that can’t buy some sort of venue. A little inexpensive decor can go a long way, even in a very cheap site.

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