The Enchanting Higaara Character Remain at Shimoga

The Higaara Character Stay situated in Shimoga is the perfect spot for nature’s lover. Higaara character stay is really a nature’s bounty, sometimes known just like Higaara. It’s 300 years of age heritage house that’s ideal for adventure and relaxation. Higaara Character stay is really a heritage house built-in very traditional means by Guddekeri situated near to Agumbe, that is broadly known as as Chirapunji from the south.

About Higaara Character Stay

Higaara Character stay provides a pleased and thrilling adventure to visit enthusiasts. It’s constructed with natural building materials. It provides satisfaction while offering refreshment to the minds. It’s a perfect treat to the souls. A trip to Higaara Character stay enables you to definitely benefit from the nature’s beauty, plus they supply you enjoyable pursuits like campfires, trekking, sightseeing nearby forest and taking pleasure in the character.

Reaching Higaara Character Stay

You will find other ways to Achieve Higaara character stay. The enchanting place could be utilized via bus, vehicle, train, and plane. You will find various rental car companies in Bangalore to offer you comfortable and cost-effective cars to achieve Higaara character stay. You’ll like to benefit from the natural atmosphere, relax yourself, and provide your change of ideas in the normal hectic activities.


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Higaara character stays provides an excellent climate. It is usually enchanting with awesome breeze that keeps you mesmerized, and it is adorable forests give a shady atmosphere, free of the new sun. It’s an ideal spot for relaxation. You will find several areas, which you’ll only visit throughout season occasions. They include trip to Barkana falls, JogiGundi Falls, as well as Vankeabi falls. You will find many tour coordinators who’ll request your travel and stays.

Things for Vacationers

At Higaara character stay, you’re able to mingle with character and feel its overwhelming presence. You’ll go through the lavish hospitality, adventure as well as other activities in the Higaara’s Homestay. The Higaara character stay provides natural and enjoyable atmosphere and is very pleasing to you to definitely the main. You’ll be p-stressed and really feel fresh. You’ll be happily submerged using the character in the Higaara Character stay.


You will find various entertainments in Higaara character stay. You can go to the untouched waterfalls, Village tour by walk, and you may also go finishing in the waters. You are able to trek to Sringeri Puta Betta fish and Akki Raashi Battadha Gudda. Vankeabi falls can also be situated nearby. You will find various sightseeing places like Kundadri Betta fish, Agumbe Sunset point of view, along with a perfect natural climate.

Relish for the mind

Higaara as being a natural place provides a great satisfaction. It’s covered with a lot of forest, which houses a number of rare bugs and wild birds. Its natural atmosphere will truly be considered a great delight for you. It’s possible to seem like floating in air when you’re in Higaara character stay. It is among the the best places to visit if you wish to relax and provide your change.

Mom Nature’s beauty and magnificence is portrayed in Higaara character stay. It’s must visit spot to calm yourself lower out of your day-to-day city activities. You will find various coordinators and rental car companies who offer scheduled tours to Higaara character stay. If you want to savor the Nature inside a true sense, help make your plans now.