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A Guide to E-Liquid Manufacturing Vaping is practically the act of inhaling and exhaling vaporized e-liquids which contain nicotine, propylene glycol, flavors as well as vegetable glycerin. In this modern world, this product is growing in popularity and is also seen as good alternative instead of using real cigarettes and other types of tobacco products. The electronic atomizers and vaporizers heat and disperse the liquid vapors that are being inhaled and absorbed by mucus membrane of the nose and mouth and even the respiratory system. Whether you believe it or not, the clean equipment and environment for workers is providing sterile, contaminate free conditions for the e-liquid blending and even packaging, the laboratory instruments that are used for testing, measuring and even mixing ensures that the product will meet the specifications.
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And due to the newly proposed regulation by FDA that governs e-juice as well as e-liquid manufacturing, e-cigarette manufacturers who are unregulated until now are starting to deal with a stricter and more rigorous regulation in their industry. Those e-juice businesses that want to differentiate themselves and surpass the future regulations produce their products into a controlled environment or a cleanroom setting, which can result to product that has improved customer experience and higher quality.
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Some of the best and leading companies are offering cleanroom systems have the ideal solution to e-juice manufacturers who like to meet both the current and the future regulations that governs e-liquid manufacturing including cGMP or Current Good Manufacturing protocols as well as ISO certification. Cleanroom wall systems provided by the best companies are strictly designed to regulate temperature, airflow, air particle count and humidity within the cleanroom setting. The panels are also available in extensive range of finishes including but not limited to PVC, stainless steel, FRP or Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic, epoxy coated aluminum with moisture resistant gypsum. These non shedding and non porous surfaces won’t harbor dirt or any other contaminants and could withstand different cleaning procedures in line with the cGMPs. Aside from that, there are some that offer extensive varieties of interchangeable modular cleanroom components that could be used in improving the overall integrity of environment similar to pass thru chambers, custom door designs, flush window designs, radius coving, air showers and fan filter units. Assuming that you are being serviced with well known companies, you can experience lots of benefits from them such as reduced labor cost, low mess, tax benefits as well as quick and clean installation. Always opt with reputable and established companies as they have years of experience and wealth of knowledge in this growing industry whether you like to build an individual lab to contain your e-juice mixing process or to create a big e-liquid manufacturing facility.