The wedding ring is evidence someone had been married. But it turns out, meaning the wedding ring does not just become a marker of a person is married. There are several meanings of the wedding ring, so that the jewelry has become a symbol of union of two hearts and two souls into one.

This is the Power of We

In the past, not everyone can wear the ring. Only the kings and nobles who could buy and wear rings. The ring is a jewelry show strength. So that a marriage should be more strength to live. Then the circular ring on the finger can give a stronger motivation to live a life after marriage.

We are complementary

A pair of wedding rings become the symbol for complementarity. Domestic life was like a spinning wheel, sometimes sweet, sometimes bitter. From all of it, just how the couple react. Like a wheel, the same ring and the same spherical turning. Then take a look at your ring when there is a problem, there must be times where you and your husband feel happy.

Symbols Love Without End

Circular wedding gold ring, silver ring, Monogram Ring, symbolizes love without end. Many people believe that wearing a wedding ring symbolizes luck. But beyond all that, the married couples who definitely want their romance as rings, perfectly round, without end.

Symbol And Meaning Of Wedding Rings