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Ways On How To Get Life Mastery Since there are many levels of creation, there are also many levels when it comes to life mastery. Since you are living, the evolution and growth in you will never stop. In order to achieve life mastery, there are things that you need to do and that’s what we will be talking about in this article. The very first thing that you can do in order to achieve life mastery is to live in the present. You should always remember that it is the only moment that you have. The infinite scheme of things should not be struggled by you. The moment that you will resist the flow of life, you will also be resisting your inner nature. You have to know what you want and focus on it. But it is also important that you will be living in the moment. By making sure that you will live at the moment, you can consciously create and manifest what you want. The next thing that you should do is to take time to be silent. It is by being silent that you will be able to get pure awareness. By being silent, you will be able to listen and follow your intuition. There are lessons that life is giving you, and you can fully understand these lessons once you will be in the moment of silent. By making sure that you are in contact with your core silence, then you can create inspiration, security, and knowledge.
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You should make sure that y will give up your need for external approval. You have to understand that it doesn’t matter what everyone says as you are the judge of your own worth. It is only you that can find the infinite worth of yourself. Freedom can be achieved once you will realize this one.
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Letting go of the need to judge is another thing that you should do. The moment that you will judge, you will lose the ability it understands. The end result is that you will not be able to learn. The moment that you will start judging others, you also are showing the lack of acceptance in you. Love motivated behavior should replace your fear-motivated behavior. The moment that you will dwell in your past, that is where fear starts to kick in. Once this happens, you will do anything in order for that not to happen again. The security that you want can be achieved once you will get rid of those feelings of fear. It is the inner power that you have that will never be affected by any kind of fear. Another thing that you should also be doing is to listen to your body’s wisdom. You will know this one by having feelings of comfort and discomfort.