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Facts and Benefits of Life Insurance

When it comes to the benefits of life insurance, life cover is the primary benefit which pertains to the sum amount of money given to the insurer’s beneficiaries or nominees in the event of death, to ensure that they have a secure future. With life insurance, you have long-term savings, allowing you to save money and build wealth to meet your needs for your retirement years, and can even fulfill your goal to support a child’s marriage. Life insurance is a great option that can be tailor-made according to your needs and preferences to help you achieve your life goals in terms of supporting your children’s education, marriage of children, buying a new house, or saving for retirement. The different types of insurance plans include term insurance plans, participating traditional insurance plans, non-participating traditional insurance plans, unit linked insurance plans (ULIPs), and retirement or pension plans.

Although term plans are purely for providing protection in case of the insurers death, it is very helpful and it is considered as the most affordable form of insurance that provides life cover within a given period of time. Guaranteed and non-guaranteed benefits are provided by Participating Traditional Insurance Plans that provide the insurer life cover and profits in the form of bonuses. As compared to Participating Traditional Insurance Plans, insurers of Non-participating Traditional Insurance Plans do not get profits from the earning of the insurance company but provide life coverage and the opportunity to grow your savings. Unit Linked Insurance Plans (ULIPs) involves investment on debt funds and equity and a part of the premium goes to your live cover and the remaining amount is allocated to various funds. Unit Linked Insurance Plans offer a potential for higher returns and control and flexibility of money.

If you want to receive regular income after you retire, then you can invest in a retirement or pension plan. You have the option to invest a lump sump money or pay regular premiums, and once you reach your retirement age, you will receive a lifelong pension or regular income. There are also pension plans that can extend to the spouse if in any event that the insurer dies. Insurdinary is one of the best life insurance companies in Canada, offering life insurance without medical exam Canada based company. You can never go wrong with Insurdinary, your premier partner in Canada when it comes to life insurance plans. It is best to secure your family’s future as early as now, get a life insurance now! No matter what your financial goals are, and no matter what your age is, it is never too late to get an insurance because you can never be sure of the future.

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