Private Skiathos Secrets

The gods should have been smiling once they produced Skiathos, gifting it having a dazzling many beaches greatly from proportion using its modest size. The hawaiian islands protected turquoise waters and abundant stretches of golden sand attract a lot of vacationers each year, benefiting from the new, dry summer time weather and possibilities for getting a tan, watersports, socialising and all sorts of-round relaxation.

Within the sixties and seventies, Skiathos was the chic destination associated with preference for several stars, rock stars along with other celebs. The area remains a trendy the avenue for call for breathtakingly costly yachts and also the impressive roll call of individuals to possess dropped anchor here previously couple of years includes a range of A-list stars and royalty.

Listed here are my private Skiathos secrets layed out, make an effort to uncover this stuff when you will the area:

From the crowds

Mind inland to be able to its northern border coast to savor Skiathos from the crowds (even just in peak season – its amazing the number of people never stray in the south coast).

Hidden monastery

The area has numerous monasteries, but off many peoples radar may be the small and secluded Hidden St John monastery. It’s utilized with a footpath through lush forest leading from Kounistra monastery (that is in the road north from bus stop 18). Request the woman who takes care of Kounistra for directions, or do as instructed in Victoria Sandels book Walking Skiathos, which consists of more details concerning the monastery.

Small, idyllic beaches

Small but idyllic beaches around the north coast worth going to are Agistra, Krifi Ammos (hidden beach) and Little Kechri.

Walk your dog

If you are missing your pets at home, you are able to walk the dogs at Skiathos Dog Shelter (right before Kounistra monastery) between 9am and 1pm.

Around the rocks

Its not necessary to visit a seaside for any go swimming – you will find a few good spots in Skiathos Town itself. Local people go swimming in the plakes rocks (keep on beyond the steps up in the old port after which left – consider ocean urchins when you are getting in). There’s additionally a diving board and swimming area underneath the Bourtzi.