Considering Vintage Cars for Your Wedding If you’re preparing for your wedding, vintage cars could be something you might be interested in using on the big day. These cars will definitely make your big day feel very classy and luxurious. Photographers will have the time of their lives taking pictures, of course, with you and your entourage and your guests. The memories you make sure certainly be more unique as well as longer-lasting for you and your guests. There are usually three options for you if you decide to use vintage cars on your wedding day – as transportation, for props purposes only, and as a full event rental. Many vintage wedding cars are prohibited from being driven for long distances, but not for local weddings. These cars keep their value as classics, thanks to their uniqueness and their low mileage, which easily adds up if they are taken for a long drive. If you plan to use the vintage car over a short distance, then there’s no problem.
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If you’re thinking of renting a classic car but you find it too pricey, you can actually rent it at a cheaper rate, provided it will only be used as a prop. That means the vehicle will not actually be driven, but will instead be at the venue only as a “d?cor.” To maintain the vehicle’s low mileage, you need to just haul it to your desired location. Even when they only serve as props, vintage wedding cars can still add good value to the occasion. They can add a beautiful ambiance to the party, not to mention a stunning backdrop for your photographs.
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The third option is to have the vintage car as a full event rental. That means the car may be used all throughout the wedding celebration. However, you must be ready to pay an expensive price for this. Nonetheless, this deal should be well worth the cost because you can use the vehicle as transportation, as “d?cor” for your venue, as a backdrop for your photographs, and so on. If you’re wondering where you can find a vintage wedding car rental, you can call a wedding transportation company or an individual owner. You have to have a number of options here, since variations in costs can be huge. With options, it’s possible to make both price and service comparisons. In any case, there should be a signed contract, along with proof of insurance. Insurance will protect you financially, in case the car is accidental damaged. You need to make sure that your liability is clearly stated so you can stay in control. Losing your deposit or paying a huge penalty are two things you should avoid. You don’t want to end the occasion with financial worries hanging over your head.

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