Signs That Indicate You May Need a Marriage Counselor and Psychotherapist Marriages being a two sided coin has its equal share of joy and pain. Most relationship however only portray the positive side whereas they are burning out. In order to save both your marriage and reputation it is good that couples get marriage counselling early so that they have good chances of saving their marriage. The followings signs will be act as an early detection and warning signs that you need a marriage counsellor and psychotherapist. Breakdown in communications This is among the first and most common signs that you couples need a need a marriage counselor. This stage is characterized with ugly, negative and high tone conversations between the two parties. It gets worse when you get afraid to talk in order to avoid being judge, abused or even called names by your mate. It is important to pay keen attention to your marriage and detect early this stage in order for you to get help from a marriage counselor and psychotherapist thus saving your marriage.
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Once you have or contemplate having an affair
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Other affairs outside the normal relationship are a major setback when it comes marriage couples. Whenever you reach this point and actually contemplate to actualize this imagination, it is important that you sit back a bit and think approaching a psychotherapist as it will help you save your marriage. Lack of financial trust At the very first stage of a relationship everything is always open and both parties secrets and shared without worries, even financial information. In a case whereby this suddenly changes and either you or your mate starts hiding financial information and documents from each other, then this is a clear indication of something brewing up. The best way forward therefore is approaching a marriage counselor or psychotherapist to help you or practicable solutions that will help you save your marriage. Lack of sex in a relationship Inasmuch as the frequency of sex might be minimum for couples who have been in a relationship for a long period of time, it is very important to be observant in order to tell when this factor turns out to be a breaking point. In most cases robotic, cold and dispassionate sex are a clear telltale sign of a sour relationship. Drug and alcohol abuse Clearly when your all time sober mate starts queer behaviors of drug abuse then this is a sign that things are not in order in your relationship thus the need for services of marriage counselor.

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