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The Contributions of a Children’s Charity Probably, you have seen the requests of charities for support to help the world’s poorest children. What they are asking are compassion, time and money. You are hoping that they are using the donations to good use. With the intentions that they have made known to you, you expect them to deliver. If they are also Christian charities, the you expect them to follow and share the message of love and hope which is what Christ taught. There are now so many charities that you can find out there and they come in different sizes and they are dedicated in helping the children in need. They are facing a great challenge. Nearly half of the 2.2 billion children are living in poverty at some degree. One in 3 children actually lack adequate shelter especially in the developing nations. One in five are not able to access clean water and one in 7 is not able to receive healthcare. It is really tragic to find out that everday, 24,000 children die due to poverty. The number could be higher when there are now charities who are dedicated in helping the very poor children. Such number can go thousands more and there will be millions who won’t be able to access the basic amenities. The organizations are being supported by donations and they give hope and help the poorest countries.
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With the major children charities, there are millions of children who are now nourished and they are supplied with safe water as well as shelter. They are not able to access the basic healthcare such as immunizations as well as those anti-malarial medicines. The children who are helped by the charities are provided with education. They receive hope through this. The children can be trained to do important work which can benefit their community in return. Through education, they can have a means to put an end to poverty and later help the generations after training as a teacher or doctor.
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It is really challenging and a huge task to provide support. This is the reason why the children charity is working in the developing country should have the highest standards of responsibility and also integrity. Supporters should not only know that their money has been spent properly but the communities should also be confident that the children are given proper support. So many children charities have come up these days and they are doing their best to help more children. They are organizing feeding programs, providing health care, dental care and others. Though not all of the children are sent to school, they are taught a few things.