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What Facebook Emoticons Do To Grow Your Online Credibility Emoticons are the latest Facebook add-ons that give Facebook users the chance to express their emotions and feelings in a simple language. They are made of unique icons such as shark, kiki and penguin. These unique Facebook add-ons help pass on different messages including a sign of joy, frustration, surprise, compassion and approval. Using emoticons has been scientifically proven to engineer the success of businesses. Emoticons offer business operators a chance to set the right mood on their Facebook page. The right emoticons will enable you to easily track your progress as well as measure your performance on Facebook marketing which enables you to remain updated. By use of emoticons, you can as well get to know how your business is progressing and the way people think of your brand. A study performed by University of Missouri St Louis has confirmed that using Facebook emojis aids strengthen interpersonal relationships. Facebook smileys are known to provide a better reaction to chats as it is easy to understand and less emotional. A large number will likely want to follow your chats if you common and reply to their posts using emoticons. This is the reason each business that uses emoticons has high odds of getting more followers and selling more.
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Using Facebook emoticons create room for everyone to get engaged in your posts. Emoticons speak a thousand languages and are great communication tools which enable people to interpret written information without much trouble. Facebook symbols can be effectively used to mitigate statements, show humor and identify positive criticism in a straightforward and easy to understand way which helps reduce communication problems.
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Using these pictographic demonstrations of feelings to convey feelings is quicker and time saving. The symbols are readily available in the Facebook system and for you to use them, you just need to click on the one you want to use and click the post button. This is an extremely easy way to pass your message as you can quickly identify your preferred smiley and post it in reply to comments posted by your fans or post it as a new post without you having to waste time thinking on what to tell your fans. Studies have confirmed that human mind responds a bit faster to similes than to written content. In short, when browsing through certain images, you are more likely to understand the content better than when reading a written content explaining the same information. Well-timed and proper use of Facebook emoticons is therefore an ideal way to get your Facebook fans and followers to understand your posts better for you to improve the relationship between you and them.