Everything That You Need To Know About AA Coins AA Coins also known as Sobriety Coins are special tokens which are given to Alcoholic Anonymous members who are able to remain sober on a specific amount of time.Traditionally, this medallion is given to an AA member who is able to stay sober on a specific amount of time.This coin is intended to encourage members to stay away from alcohol. A Brief History of AA Coins When it comes to awarding AA coins different traditions applies to each AA group.Although the actual evidence of when the chip system started is still not completely known, many people claims that it started in 1942 in Indianapolis. As per stories, people loved to carry chips which act as personal trophies on how they able to win over alcoholism.
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Sister Ignacia, a nun was one of the first persons to use medallion for members of Alcoholic Anonymous.She gave out Sacred Heart medallions to alcoholic patients who had stayed at St. Thomas Hospital, the medallions act as a sign of commitment to God and AA.She gave Sacred Heart medallions to patients who stayed in the St. Thomas Hospitals, the medallions signify a promise to God and to the AA group.Furthermore, if the patients ever drink again, they are required to return the medallions.
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AA Coins Today Today, AA coins provides a great symbol for many individuals who are struggling with alcohol addiction. The coin itself does not help the person stay sober, but it acts as a good motivational material. When are person has coins or even able to collect monthly AA coins, Bronze AA coins, or even a simple 24 hour AA coins, it gives them a sense of accomplishment.Once they have the urge to start drinking again, they take a look at their AA coins to encourage them to take the time to reflect. There are different AA coins for each time a person is able to accomplish.At least 13 different kinds of coins are given to each member who have stayed sober within the first 24 months, for example: 24 hours AA coins, this coin is also known as the desire chip, used to help members stay sober in the first 24 hours. 30 days or Monthly AA Coins For those who stayed sober for at least 2 months There are uniquely designed AA coins available on the Internet which groups or individuals can order. Collectors can also shop for AA coins with specialized designs online. Over the many years of AA history, manufacturers have designed special AA coins to suit the needs of members.Some of the designs includes bronze AA coins, aluminum AA coins, nickel plated AA coins, and AA coins that are made out of plastic. Any person or interested groups can easily buy these commemorative coins through the Internet.It is a great tool that anyone can use to help friends, family members or loved ones conquer alcoholism for good.

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