Lofoten Norwegian is renowned for its wonderful and beautiful natural sights. This archipelago has mountain tops, ocean sights, islands and reefs also it offers all of the connected activities to provide you with recreational satisfaction. The bounties provided by Lofoten are jaw shedding and enables you to definitely enjoy your holidays within an memorable manner. This information will reveal to you the very best Lofoten Norwegian places most abundant in exotic natural moments along with the activities to ensure that you will not miss on anything:

The area of Moskenes

Your mission for any destination offering superb date with earth finishes at Moskenes due to its natural elements. Upon your visit Lofoten Norwegian, choose a boat trip between your Moskenesstrmmen, which is recognized as probably the most fiercest and harmful maelstroms. There is a old traces of pay outs throughout your trip to Lofoten Norwegian likewise huge Kollhellaren cave is found in Refsvika. This cave is really a seaside cave roughly 3000 years old.

Bird rocks

Lofoten Norwegian is popular for that nesting wild birds. If you have been seabirds within the islands, reefs and islets. The very best of such islands may be the island of Rst.

The fishing village of Nusfjord

Lofoten Norwegian may be the hub of fishing and fishing towns are its niche. If you have been relevant museums and also to facilitate the vacationers, the rorbu cabin rentals are for sale to accommodation. This accommodation keeps you in contact with the standard fishing culture. Nusfjord fishing village is exclusive in the all facets permitting you to definitely enjoy quite old and different pay outs.

Eggum and Unstad

At Eggum you can have the character by investing a while in the pebbled beach. This beach also provides night time sun – among the finest Lofoten Norwegian points of interest.

At Unstad you may enjoy surfing. In Fall 1995, a tunnel seemed to be inaugurated giving the vacationers accessibility village, improving their tour experience even more.


Lofoten Norwegian winter fishery months are a quite busy season. The hub of fishing activity throughout this year is Henningsvr. It provides best natural sights with mountain tops presence and ocean surroundings.

The activities Lofoten Norway’s most well-known activity is fishing. While fishing, you may enjoy the gorgeous surroundings, attractive enough to help keep you just busy when you are awaiting the seafood. Because of the existence of mountain tops you may enjoy hiking, biking and alpinism. Other pursuits include rafting and golf rafting is perfect for true adventurous people because it provides a truly exciting and heart throbbing experience. Whereas, golf could be loved with mid-evening sun and delightful natural scenery’s within the surrounding areas. Apart from these activities you may also enjoy camping using the best camping sites getting excellent facilities.

Now when you are aware where you can touch the character and how to proceed throughout your Lofoten Norwegian trip, prepare for the trip just bear in mind the next:

Be careful for weather

Book accommodation well ahead of time, especially if you are planning for Lofoten cabin rentals

Lofoten Norwegian – Scenic Points of interest and Recreational Activities
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