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Things To Know About Vintage Wedding Rentals So you are going for that vintage look for your wedding reception? You can almost see the bistro lights hanging from inside a barn, mason jars, wagon rides, and plenty of lace. You want to jump in to the trend of having a vintage wedding on a farm complete with a barn reception. Before holding your vintage wedding in a farm, read some tips prior to renting a venue. Be informed of the expenses. The old-fashioned touches in farm weddings do not necessarily mean age-old prices. Compared to a full-service banquet hall, you may have to fork out money for the tables, chairs, dishes, and other extras. It may be in a beautiful location but that is all you are paying for: the location. If you’ve picked a barn that commonly book wedding receptions, its proprietor may have a list of the additional things you’ll need. If there’s no list, your best bet is to seek the help of a wedding coordinator who specializes in farm weddings.
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Scout the topography.
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The fields and pastures may be postcard-pretty but can they support the number of vehicles that will transport your guests to the wedding venue? The range and pastures may be picturesque but can they accommodate the number of cars and transport your guests will bring to the site of the wedding?The fields and meadows may be charming but can they support the total number of vehicles bearing your wedding guests? If not, the mud and rocks will end up inconveniencing your guests. Do a site walk through and keep an eye on the property layout and possible staging areas for the ceremony, reception, parking, etc. Understand the sound ordinance rules in the area. Renting the barn does not mean you can party till the wee hours of the morning. If there are nearby houses, the sound is usually measured by how loud it is at the property line. The edict will deviate from township to township and from region to region but many farms have to adhere to the noise ordinance rules. Double-check the local sound ordinance rules and tell the wedding band and deejay when to end even if your barn wedding reception seems to be in a somewhat far-flung location. Make a plan for nature. If you are not from the town where you will be married, it is advisable to chat with a local who is savvy with the nature of the area during the part of the year you are getting hitched. You want glowing fireflies and chirping crickets in your farm wedding but not flies and mosquitoes. Before the big day, purchase citronella candles and scatter them around the perimeter of the farm wedding venue. Place small baskets containing bug spray in the bathrooms or near the barn entrance in case your guests have need for it. Regardless where the barn is located, it is wise to spray for bugs a day prior to the wedding.