Juliette Embraces Her Inner Awareness: What Really Matters in This Popular Facebook Page

The Internet is such a weird place. It allows an individual to be an individual in every meaning of the word. They can theoretically share whatever they want. It could break the terms of service and get them expelled from the site, but they can do it. They can post the most obscure and ridiculous junk out there for all to see. They can also post the most normal and boring content out there. Who else wants to see the next Star Wars film trailer? How about a reposting of the most obvious viral meme of the day? They can fit right into the mold of Facebook, and do what everyone else is doing.

The fascinating thing is that these decisions impact the real world. People get fired from their jobs because of Facebook. Crimes are solved because of cocky gentlemen and his appropriate oversharing. People have said that Facebook has become its own universe, but it is still somewhat tied to the one we all live in.

There is something special about what Juliette Mccoll looks to share on her Facebook page. It is smart and calculated without being forced. Juliette has potentially tapped into a big reality about being a healthy and intriguing person on the Internet. She does not easily fit into the millions upon millions of people that retweet the new Batman film trailer or follow every little thing Taylor Swift does because people care for some reason. She has found an inner distinction, and she channels that in one of the most riveting Facebook feeds on the social media juggernaut.

Visit Juliette Mccoll’s Facebook page to see smart updateson obscure topics. Everyone is talking about the huge things going on in facebook, but these can often clash against what really matters. A potential war outbreak in South Korea? How about a picture of a grumpy cat with a funny hat on? Facebook leaves room for everyone. But, is it becoming too silly for its own good? Follow the heart and post what matters- not what appears to matter. It is an exciting world to post absurd memes, but it is not always the best way to express individuality.