Curling Irons And Their Individual Functions Straight and sleek looking hair is one of the recently trending hair fashion style in the fashion industry. Having said that you could still not take the fact that a curly topped hair never runs out of style. The traditional curly hair has been around for so many years that a lot of people are still attracted to have curly locks of their own to be different from everybody else who have straight hair. To help you buy the best curling iron in order to have a wonderful set of curly locks hair the following information will prove to be of use to you. Choosing the best curling iron
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There are a lot of different kinds of curly hairs and tight curls, slight waves and big waves are just few of those kinds. The first thing that you should know before you buy curling irons is the type of curl that you want on your hair so that you will be able to buy the correct type of curling iron to give you the best looking curly hair.
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A 2-inch diameter curling iron would be the best type of curling iron to buy if you want to have the big waves type of curly hair. A big wave to be created you need to wrap large sections of hair around the curling iron. For those who are looking to have soft waves of hair, they need to buy the smaller type of curling iron particularly a one and a half in diameter curling iron to achieve a nice soft wave. For a large curl of hair to be created buying a three quarter diameter curling iron or a 1-inch diameter curling iron would be the best option you can choose. For the curling to be done easily, spraying small sections with mousse before wrapping them on the iron is advisable to do. For creating tight curls a smaller iron practically three eights in diameter is recommended to be used. For successful production of ringlets in fact this method would be the best method to use. Using the iron Step 1- Dry the hair completely. It is not wise to use a curling iron on wet hair because it may result in fried and dried hair. Step 2 – Sectioning of hair. For short hairs you need to start curling at the crown. For hair that is medium or long length, curling at the back of the head would be the best step to take. Step 3- To start with, roll the curling iron on the hair tip until it reaches about an inch far from the scalp. Sliding a comb in between the scalp and the iron is advised in order to avoid the iron touching the scalp.

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