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Which Style of E-Cig is Best for You? Today’s consumers are spoiled for choice when it comes to buying an electronic cigarette. You can find the electronic cigarette that matches your personal preferences. In this guide, you will learn about the three main types of e-cig on the market. Be sure to try out more than one type before picking the one you want to buy. Trying each type is important, because otherwise you may decide you prefer a different style of electronic cigarette shortly after buying your first. While you are at the e-cig shop, you might also want to try out some of the different flavors of vapor for your device. Most people are familiar with the mini e-cigarettes. Compared with the other types of electronic cigarette, the minis are the least expensive and the most lightweight. For those reasons, people generally start out with this type of electronic cigarette. They are only suitable for light smokers. If you are a heavy smoker, you should start with a larger type of e-cigarette. Two other disadvantages of the mini are its short battery life and small liquid tank. If you have a mini, you should probably also buy a portable charger for it. Minis are available almost everywhere nowadays. The next level is the midsized e-cig. These give off more vapor than the smaller versions, but they are also significantly heavier. If you smoke often or every day, you should probably go straight for the midsize e-cigarette. In this case, it is better to pay a higher initial investment cost than to purchase a mini e-cig that you do not enjoy using. Not all midsized e-cigarettes are the same, so try out a few brands and models. The store’s employees can also help answer your other questions.
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However, you may not want to jump straight to the most powerful e-cigs, which are covered in the following paragraph. With these midsized e-cigs, you have a lot of options for customizing your device. For these reasons, most people who vape prefer this type of e-cigarette, even though they must be manually operated by pressing a button. With the minis you only have to inhale.
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Finally, there is the advanced personal vaporizer. These models are much larger than the other two and incorporate several functions that you do not have on the other devices. In fact, you often have advanced functions like controlling the wattage of the e-cigarette. They also have a stronger learning curve in terms of maintenance and initial assembly. The APVs do not come cheap, however. In addition, you need to maintain them carefully. For this reason, most people start with the midsized e-cigarette and eventually work their way up to the APVs, if they decide to continue vaping. That would allow you to skip the expense of upgrading in the future.