Self Spray Tanning Tips Do you want to get a perfectly tanned skin without having to soak in the sun? If this is the case, a spray tanning procedure is for you. The last few years has seen the emergence of new methods of body tanning. In the past, you had to lie under the sun for a long time to get your skin tanned. However, there are a number of problems that can come up due to staying under the sun for too long. Studies have shown that the sun’s UV rays can lead to aging of the skin and even cause skin cancer. This is why it is not advisable to tan your skin using the sun. Instead of soaking under the sun, you can opt for spray tanning to make your skin brown. Like the name suggests, you simply need to spray your skin with a particular spray to achieve the skin color you want. There are other options of tanning your skin such as applying creams or lotions. Spray tanning, applying lotions and creams are the best ways to get your skin tanned. You should know the pros and cons of any tanning method you opt for. Among the three methods, spray tanning is the most effective. With spray tanning, you can easily spray parts of your body that may be difficult to reach if you were applying a cream. Moreover, spray tanning takes less time than applying creams or lotion. If you are not comfortable spray tanning yourself, you can get a friend to do the procedure on you. Alternatively, you go check into salons that offer spray tanning services. If the procedure will be done at a salon, there is no need to buy a tan kit. The tanning professional at the salons have the necessary kit and will know which spray color to use for your skin. Before your skin is tanned, the tanning professional will take you through the procedure. The first step is usually to remove all dirt on your body by taking a bath. After this, the tan will be sprayed on your body and left to settle for a few minutes. You will then be required not to take a bath to give the tan time to settle.
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If you want to spray tan yourself, you can buy a DIY kit and do the procedure from home. There are various types of kits available in the market. When shopping for a kit, find out which spray will be best for your skin. You can also search the Internet to check various DIY kits. The kit will usually have some brushes and a tan can. Apart from this, the kit should have usage instructions.
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You may not get the tan correctly on your first try. However, your tanning results will improve over time.

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