Getting married in Mauritius- A dream wedding affair!

Getting married in Mauritius- A dream wedding affair!

So you are engaged and are running from post to pillar to find that perfect place for your wedding. After all, you have dreamt of this day for your entire life. And what could be better than a destination wedding! With all your close friends and the dearest of family members, a destination wedding can be fun and memorable. When it comes for choosing the destination for the wedding, it is important to look at various factors including hotels, budget, your perfect idea of the wedding, travel and everything else under the sky. Mauritius is one such location which offers you exotic beaches, amazing food and the warmth that you so dearly look for during these personal events. Going through the checklist, here are the most important things that you should definitely arrange and keep in your mind.

1. Hotels that best suit you: Offering a range of budget, affordable, premium and ultra-luxury hotels, Mauritius suits all budgets. Featuring various facilities like pool, private beach, private island, private villas, resorts and so on, you can pick and choose your favourite. Other specialities include hotels near the airport, a beach, sheds and so on. With amazing views and spectacular natural surroundings, one is simply in an awe of Mauritius and its absolute beauty.

2. Getting married at the beach: Offering amazing white sand beaches, Mauritius is known for its sunsets and the utmost natural beauty that this place is. Giving your marriage a romantic start, it is lovely to get married at a beach in Mauritius with the beautiful sunset behind you. Many beach resorts offer beach wedding services and take care of everything that you might need. From appetizing food, to lighting and seating arrangements, everything is taken care of by the coordinators. Other than that, wedding planners can also be hired for a hassle free execution.

3. Different services available: For a fairy-tale wedding in Mauritius, a plethora of services are available for the couple. Here are a few:

  • Wedding Planners: From getting your favourite flowers arranged, food plated, seating arrangements and the registrar, wedding planners make sure that you get everything that you want. Arrangements can be altered according to the budget and your wedding planner will be at your service day in and day out.
  • Car Hire Service: For a special treat you can enjoy a limousine ride to and from your hotel for the ultimate king and queen experience. Giving your married life a beautiful start, limo services can be at your service. And of course, a bottle of champagne too! We suggest car rental mauritius. They are what you need regarding car rental in Mauritius.
  • Exclusive Make Up Artist: It is most important for the bride to be her ravishing best at her wedding. After all, everybody will be looking just at her. Make Up Artist services are available so that you look and be the star of your own wedding!
  • Photographer: To make your wedding a memorable one and to preserve those memories, it is important that you have a good photographer arranged. A good photographer doesn’t just click pictures; he makes them memorable. From portraits to candid ones, a good photographer knows how to capture a moment.

4. Ethnic and Authentic Touch: Mauritian culture is mostly influenced by English, French, Indian and Chinese cultures. With their own language being Kreole Morisyen, other languages that are spoken and written in Mauritius include French, Hindi, Bhojpuri and English. Their food is also inspired by Chinese, French and Indian. So if you are looking for that special ethnic touch, you can either choose to have a Malaysian styled wedding, or bring your culture aboard. Christian, Muslim, Hindu, Sikh and other cultures can be incorporated and brought alive in Malaysia. Priests can be arranged and nothing is a trouble there.

When it is about your wedding, it is always emotional and very personal. Everything can be arranged and you will have a dreamy start to your married life with your partner. Come to Mauritius and enjoy the best that nature has to offer!