Getting a Great TV at an Awesome Price

The last time I bought a TV, it was several years ago at a Black Friday event. I vowed then to never go through that again, even if the prices are incredible. I had to wait in line for hours, and I found out that Christmas shopping does not put most people in a great Christmas mood when it is on Black Friday. My TV has been acting up a lot lately, and i know it is time to get a new one. That is why I did a search for Cyber Monday TV deals to see if the deals are just as good on Cyber Monday as they are on Black Friday.

I found a site that was able to give me a lot of information on Cyber Monday TV deals. I was able to see what a lot of the stores were offering last year. The site showed that Amazon had the best deals, and that actually pleased me because I am a Prime member there. I knew that I would probably get a really good deal that would be shipped for free that way. That sure does beat out going to a brick and mortar store and waiting hours with increasingly grumpy people.

The neat thing about this site is that it was able to show me the actual models as well as deals for the various TVs. I saw where a 55 inch curved LED Smart TV was half price from Tiger Direct, making it under one thousand dollars! Other places like Dell and Sam’s Club had some great deals too, so it really is hard to say where I will be getting a TV from this year. What I do know is that I am going to get a great deal, and I cannot wait to start watching my programs on a larger TV!