One of the biggest mistakes people make when making the transition from working offline to working on the internet is they do a downshift into another mentality that is completely invalid. Many think working online means easy street, no work, no challenges, just find the right shortcuts and exploit them. They find these so called shortcuts by ordering course after course from so called “guru’s” who claim they’d done all the leg work to figure out the whole thing and it all boils down into a few steps that if taken (and that they take with precision) can make you an overnight millionaire. This is complete and utter BS.

The web is an intricate and efficient network of concepts, business models, and there are some incredible pieces of software as well, but this doesn’t in any way imply that the web is a free for all and a way to “get out of working for a living”. The reality is that the internet, although a much better work environment with many benefits over the offline world- operates on the same business principals as any other business.

So where does this invalid distinction of “how the web is” come into play? It may have gotten there from a variety of sources like brilliant marketing early on when people simply didn’t know anything about the web. This marketing simply planted seeds in the minds of the next generation of internet “dwellers” and the rumor mill kept it going all this time (as well as unscrupulous marketing ploys).

Perhaps it was simply the way people believed the internet to be based on the mechanisms of the web in the beginning. Although it evolved, the perception is reality concept stuck. I think all those were part of it but that the main/real reason is based on the way software works and how people interpret it.

Software is often a solution to a problem- a shortcut or way to make something happen more immediately and without hassle. Many who came to learn about computers before the web used such software and the ideas tended to stick. When it comes to the web, people often think of it like one huge piece of software- and for the most part- IT IS, but the principals of making money online or off, don’t work like software- they work WITH it.

Working online and making money work on the same offline business principals, granted the playing field is leveled and you don’t have to prove yourself to get going and thrive, but you do have to put in the work. The work involves learning how the landscape works, how it’s networked, and what you have to do to get your business off the ground. You will need to plan methodically, carve out (eventually) a work schedule and stick to it, and apply the same discipline as the offline world. The difference in discipline is the only person or entity that will be hassling you to get it done, is YOU.

Having a routine will solidify your resolve and fortify your self discipline where work is concerned. You can do all of this without quitting your current job as the time constraints of working online are essentially the same when you get going, but the rigid time schedules are not. You can work when your free time permits but you must put in an effort every day (at least 5 days a week). You have to treat your online business like any other business or job. If you put in the work and discipline yourself not to take shortcuts but rather to put in the leg work necessary to train you in the details of the business you will thrive. If you chase after some imaginary shortcuts you will fail because even if your business gets underway faster, it will crash the first time a problem comes that you can’t resolve!

Working online is becoming the more dominant workforce and for many good reasons. You can individually tune your business to your needs and comfort levels which make it more rewarding, easier to maintain motivation, and more, but there is no escaping the work and treadmill of the first year or more.

Failing To Realize How Internet Marketing Or The Online Work Environment Works Is A Recipe For Failure