As a child I used to love the snow. And who wouldn’t? It’s basically a cold kind of cotton, which you can mold to your desire. Snowball fights were awesome (they still are), building snowmen and what not. Winter used to be my favorite season – there was the winter break and having fun with your classmates, there were gifts and holidays and all around cheerfulness. Too bad that winter is such a difficult season for adults, especially if you live in a place where snow is a regular sight.


I can tell you, there are not many things that are as stressful for me as driving in snow. I have seen terrible accidents happen, because no one teaches you how to handle yourself and your car during the winter. It is too often trial-and-error kind of method of learning, and this is not safe at all. Sure, the government does PSAs and whatnot, but they hardly help. Theory is just one side of it and just reminding you to be careful is hardly efficient. It is important to understand what do to, how to handle yourself, what to look for in your car and when to stay away from driving altogether.

To start – you should always check your tires before hitting the road. Make it a rule, especially in the winter. You will have a harder time stopping as it is, and flatter tires won’t make it easier – in fact they make it much harder, even if your car has ABS. Sure, anti-blocking system is a good thing, but it can only do so much for slippery roads. You have to consider not only your safety, but the safety of all the others as well, so do yourself a favor and check the tires.

As for that winter frost on your windshield, there is a much simpler method of remove it. You don’t have to wait for your car to warm up. Rather find yourself some rubbing alcohol, water and a spray bottle. Mix it 2:1 and spray the windshield. Frost will go away instantly and you are free to go. You can do that for the rest of the windows as well.

As for when you get on the road – drive at a lower speed, keep your distance from other cars and just pay attention to everything that surrounds you. Sometimes I cannot trust my judgment and just go for a professional transport, and as I live in Chicago I always hire SUV Chicago Limo. After all, I want to be safe and to keep others safe as well, so if I know I can’t handle harsh winters, I opt out of driving completely.

Driving in the Winter