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How to Use Self Tanners Sunless lotions are chemicals applied to prevent harmful impacts of UV radiation such as skin cancer. Applying sunless lotion is a process done to make your skin attractive despite the sun’s rays. When you use the lotion in the wrong manner, you will get dark wrinkles, stripes, and orange spots, hence need to properly use the self-tanner. This piece of writing gives you the tips to correctly use sunless lotion. First of all, you need to prepare well. Select the appropriate tanner that blends in well with your skin and will give you desired effects within the appropriate time period. Remove thick hair from the places you want to tan. For smooth application of the self-tanner, shave or wax hairy arms and legs. Showering will help exfoliate the whole body for effective results. It will be difficult for the sunless lotion to absorb into the skin due to residual body creams. Use moisturizer to dilute the lotion to be applied on elbows and knees. You may also apply petroleum jelly on your eyebrows to prevent the collection of the lotion to prevent too much darkening of the part. Before applying the lotion, protect your palms from tanning by wearing latex gloves if you are not allergic to them. In cases where your skin is sensitive to the gloves, you will need plenty of water to wash your hands as soon as you are done. When applying sunless lotion, ensure your skin is completely dry and not sweaty. With broad circular motions, apply the little self-tanner. The wide strokes ensure consistency in application of the lotion. It is not necessary to apply the self-tanner on the sole and other parts that do not tan easily. If few orange stains occur, take a quick shower to fade them away or add a cup of milk to the bath because lactic acid removes the color. It is recommended that you apply the self-tanner from the ankles upwards for a natural look. Fully concentrate on a specific part of the body before shifting to the next one for effective results.
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Lightly wipe the self-tanner with a wet cloth five minutes after applying on the underarms. Because the neck and face tend to darken easily, application of the sunless lotion on these parts should be done cautiously. Do not put too much lotion on the lips because they darken easily. Self-tanners should also be applied on the ears and the back of the neck. You can ask a friend or use a band to reach parts that you cannot apply such as the back.
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When using the sunless lotion, do not do it hastily. Keenly cover all parts and avoid skipping some parts or discoloring other parts of the body. The process takes some time for you to realize satisfactory outcome. Follow the instructions that come with the sunless lotion. Put on loose clothing after application and avoid contact with water or anything that will make you sweat for the first few hours. For several days, do not exfoliate or use retinol. Do not apply more tanner immediately.