CBD Gum Launched in Response to Growing Demand for Cannabidiol-Infused Products


(Paradise, California)– Legalization of cannabis for medical use in 23 states with 12 others granting limited access to products of this nature has led to an increased demand in this sector of the market. At the same time, industry reports noted a surge in demand for products containing cannabis derived extracts rich in cannabidiol, CBD, both inside and outside of these legalized or medical states, as the supply of CBD dominant options is sorely lacking. This issue was the driving force behind the July, 2013 founding of CBD Superstore website, 

As the company’s original public service, spokesperson Jason Liss had launched with a new and innovative product line. Liss elaborated, “CanChew CBD Gum, the first product offering from our company, is the world’s premier chewing gum infused with Cannabidiol rich hemp oil, and was the motivation behind the naming of our website. It’s an all-natural, sugar free alternative providing all the benefits our customers have come to expect from our products. It’s currently available in Cool Mint flavor and delivers benefits via the mucous membranes in the mouth, which provides rapid results and helps avoid the dilution often occurring during digestive processing.”

The previously-released CanChew CBD gum is available in packages of 32 pieces or sample blister packs of 8, with each piece containing 50 mg of CBD rich hemp oil, containing 10 mg of CBD. Manufacturers implement a steam distillation process in production for preservation of its ingredients’ integrity. Sweetened with Xylitol, the gum is promoted as safe for diabetics and is vegetarian-friendly. 

Concluded Liss, “The patented CanChew gum contains as much CBD in one piece as five eight-ounce bottles of standard hemp seed oil, and the active ingredients being released through the oral cavity allows for more extensive absorption than other forms of delivery. It’s also safe for all ages. In addition to this patented gum, we offer a number of other U.S. sourced hemp products like Mary’s Nutritionals and Wellspring CBD, and are an authorized reseller for CW Botanicals hemp extract products. We encourage anyone interested to visit our website.”

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