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Religious Event /Worship & Communion Miracle Service:

As many as 100 thousand people were expected to attend the Worship and Communion Miracle Service. Pastor Chris Oyakhilome was expected to be the main attraction at this much anticipated event. Chris Oyakhilome has devoted his life to serving God and the church. Chris Oyakhilome is for sure a man of God, a true devoted believer that has certainly made a difference in so very many ways.

Zimbabwe is said to be a very special place. It is a place where the strong presence of the Lord is felt. The pastor promised to share all relevant news and other events happening in Zimbabwe.

Pastor Chris stated that the Lord will bring his great blessings upon the nation upon completion of this very important and much anticipated service. In addition, the pastor summed up his speech by saying that the Lord has come with the power of the Holy Spirit and many blessings for each and every person. That we should all embrace the Lord with open arms and listen to his message.

Within the past three decades the Worship and Communion Miracle Service has made a huge impact on believers. It seems the service continues to expand bringing in new followers who want to get closer to the Lord.

Pastor Owase is the founder of Christ Embassy. Paster Owase works closely with Pastor Chris to continually spread the word. Pastor Owase runs a successful Christian Ministry based in Nigeria. Pastor Owase and Pastor Chris Oyakhilome will continue to work together to expand this ministry and help others.

The Worship and Communion Miracle Service was a huge success. People came from many parts of the world just to attend this very sacred and special event. Many described this blessed event as a true spiritual experience in which the presence of the Lord was definitely felt.

Some came with special prayer petitions of their own. This event was Truly an enriching experience that certainly left a positive and lasting impact on many in attendance.

Events such as (WCMS) always draws large crows of people. It seems in the weeks before the event took place a great deal of attention as well as promoting this event was successfully done.

This event could be compared to events which occurred within the Catholic Church over the years. Sightings of the “Virgin Mary” seem to draw crowds as large or even larger than the WCMS. Part of the reason is of course belief and devotion to God another reason is simply curiosity.

It seems the public is fascinated with events in which we still do not truly understand. Aside from the general Christian teachings and beliefs, no one is capable of completely understanding God and strong presence within the world.

Pastor Chris will continually spread the word of the Lord with messages of hope and peace. The pastor has been able to convert many who were non believers as well as strengthen the faith of those who have always believed in the Word of God.

Chris Oyakhilome was always a believer long before he became Pastor Chris Oyakhilome. The pastor enjoys his work and will continue to serve the Lord for a great many years to come.

The ferries from Singapore to Batam

Indonesia is a well-known country for its natural beauty and it is considered as a place with world famous tourist spot. The tropical country boasts of other destinations are providing a fun-filled memorable travel experience to the tourists who visit this place. Batam is small but busy island in Indonesia of nearly a million inhabitants. It is also known as the production leg of Indonesia-Singapore-Malaysia growth triangle. The best thing about a Batam tour is that it is very accessible as it is just 45 minutes of travel by ferry from Singapore. Many activities await visitors in the island that promises an enjoyable beach, sun and sea attraction. Water sports, fresh seafood dinning, shopping are all worth a day in Batam.

Batam’s scenic north coast is a good location for thrill adventures, especially cycling and mountain biking. The area boasts of breathtaking dense green jungle accented by a sweeping seafront. One can opt to enjoy this type of trail on their own by taking about thirty kilometers bike ride from around Duriankang reservoir and Nongsa Coast, passing through Teluk Mata Ikan, Batu Besar, and Citea Mas Housing and finishing the trail in Tering Bay golf. If one is water sports lover, then the waterfront city is the best place which offers variety of activities such as banana boat, Kayaking, parasailing, jet ski and wind surfing . Apart from waterfront, these activities can also be had at Nongsa Coast and also at Melur Beach in Galang islands, where it is less crowded. Many tourists who visit Singapore travel by ferry from Singapore to Batam to enjoy its beauty.

Ferry routes:

Travelling to Batam, Indonesia is a beyond easy and quire cheap. In fact, all it really takes is a quick 45 minutes ferry ride to enjoy the incredible sights and sounds of this quaint island destination. Ferries typically depart from the HarbourFront Ferry Terminal and travel to four different types of destinations in Batam islands are Batam center, Sekupang, Harbour Bay and Nongsapura. Batam center ferry terminal has the most frequent ferry connections from Singapore and Johor Bahru and is also the closest terminal to the airport Sekupang, with ferries from Singapore is further from the airport but can be still used to catch the domestic connections to the Sumatra mainland and the karimun islands.

Waterfront city and Nongaspura are mostly serve adjacent resorts while Telaga Punggar is the main ferry terminal fro boats to and from Bintan. There are numerous ferry crossing operating from Batam to Singapore. Ferries currently connect five ports in Batam with two ports in Singapore. So people who travel by ferry from Singapore to Batam can get frequent ferries to travel. There are a combined of 86 ferry crossing each day across a selection of five routes which are operated by four ferry companies. Batam fast ferry and majestic fast ferry with the shortest crossing takes around forty minutes from Nongaspura to Tanah Mehra.   There are many websites which offers the tourist and other people to reserve the ferry tickets online.